Vivek Chockalingam

Impressions Projects are categorised under broad subjects. Click on view projects to see more details.

Site Specific | Interactive | Perfomance

How does one interpret art?

A couple of projects that involve audience participation as the making of the art work.

Building | Found Material | Contextual 

Large scale installations using upcycled 

materials and collaborative methods. 

When it pays

A few chosen projects from various commissions including Puma, Budweiser, local businesses, architects and private individuals

Gallery | Contemporary Practices | Curation

Co-founder of Walkin Studios. 

The project space is run by artists for artists. The space provides opportunity for artists to experiment, and explore the possibilities of contemporary artistic production and display.

Curation | Fellowship | Management

A brief about fellowships and curatorial experiences with large institutions and art organisations.

Water | Urban Life | Future

Core Member at Lifetide

Lifetide is a collective Based in Bangalore, India, that works towards water abundance. 

Objects | Questions | Lifestyle

A series of domestic objects  made from automobile parts. Each object presents questions through creating unique situations.